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Is We Ting  

Touts the slogan "Come Vibe With We" and, that's exactly what we want. The app allows users to come in and spend some time, browse around, learn about current events and/or relax with some tunes in true Caribbean style.


For those without the luxury of time, they can come in, quickly get what they need and leave. The app uniquely features Caribbean restaurants, lounges and events that are within the vicinity of the user. It also gives the user the opportunity to search for restaurants and events in any particular location they desire. This feature comes in handy when users are planning travel arrangements and prefer to be ahead of the game. In addition to this, the app also features music videos of all the top Caribbean acts from all genres.


We want our users to have a great experience that caters to their needs with minimal hassle. The app presents the user with an extremely simple interface that allows them to log-in with their existing facebook and twitter accounts or create a new account from scratch. With their accounts users would be able to leave reviews for restaurants and lounges add them to their favorites for easier access and convenience. Users will also be able to add events and music videos to their favorites as well thus creating a space of their own within the app.


Is We Ting will also regularly partner with Caribbean themed entities that will provide users of the mobile app with special offers. These include but, are not limited to, free or discounted services and merchandise.